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What To Look For In a Studio Rental

Whether you’re working in fashion, food, or fitness, preparing a brand photoshoot is one of the most important (and exciting) steps in your marketing journey. Once you’re ready to shoot, it’s time to book a studio rental. Securing the right space can be either a huge support or a major stress on your big day. Here are 7 things to take note of when you’re booking your studio rental:

  1. Location

Where is the studio located and is it accessible to everyone on the creative team? It’s important to note if parking is available (and the cost/hours), whether there is an elevator (and even a freight elevator for larger props and equipment), how close public transportation might be, and what restaurants or convenience stores are nearby.

  1. Cost

Smaller, more affordable photo studio rentals can start as low as $40 per hour. For a bigger space with more amenities, expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars per hour. Sometimes studios will cut you a deal for a full or multi-day rate. If you’re planning on scheduling recurring photoshoots monthly or even a few times a year, it never hurts to try and negotiate a deal with the studio. Best case scenario, you’re getting a discounted rate and they’re getting a confirmed returning customer. Also, pay close attention to any additional fees that might be listed in the fine print. Cleaning, insurance, and damage fees are not uncommon.

  1. Space

The height and width of your studio is crucial depending on what you plan to shoot. Remember that the space is not just where you’re shooting, it also has to fit all your props, costumes, and creative team behind the scenes. Many studios will post floorplans and photos of the different studio options on their websites. Make sure you double check which space you’re booking before you confirm with your credit card.

  1. Light

Many studios tend to have giant windows that offer beautiful natural light. If that’s not an option (due to studio layout, time of day, or weather conditions), you’ll want to know what lighting equipment is available to you. Proper lighting can make or break your photoshoot. Great lighting will highlight the product (or person), accentuate details, improve quality, and affect the overall mood.

  1. Quiet

Especially on a video shoot, you’re going to need a soundproof studio to block out any outside noise. Remember that if you’re booking in an older building (however quaint the aesthetic might be), the sound insulation of the walls, doors, and windows might not be on par to those in a high-tech new studio space.

  1. Equipment

Some studios come stocked with director’s chairs, lighted makeup counters, multi-colored backdrops, apple boxes, ladders, and more. Don’t just assume that these will all be available to you. If specific equipment is not noted on the website, call ahead to make sure you’re not scrambling on the day of your shoot.

  1. Amenities

THIS is all the stuff you probably won’t (but should) think about ahead of time: clean restrooms, AV cables, a water fountain, changing areas, extension cords, music speakers, steamers/irons, fans, chairs, and heat/AC. Again, if something isn’t listed on the website, call ahead!

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