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Photo + Video Shoot Planning

about the service

Photoshoot planning is time consuming! (15-25 hours of planning time, according to our calculations.) Photoshoots are also pricey- and no one wants to invest money and get back a slew of content that ends up being unusable for what you actually need it for...(social media reels covers, website content, email marketing, etc.)

Allow us to introduce our creative direction service. Think Anna Wintour level support to take your brand image to the next level. We've planned countless shoots as an agency over the past 3 years and we know how to capture content to last you 6 months to a year in 4 hours. Curious? Find out more below.


the problem

the solution

You need a space, a shot list, a photographer, videographer, and actual help day-of to keep the shoot running. You don't have a lot of experience putting together a photoshoot or you weren't happy with your last one and know you need support. You're stressed about spending money and not ending up with the content you need.

Our creative direction service is customizable and served a la carte to design the support you need to execute a killer brand shoot and walk away with assets you'll actually use. From mood boards to shot lists to prop sourcing and styling - we'll bring your brand to life.


our process

*Newsflash- it's not just putting together a Pinterest board and calling it a day.

  • We start with a questionnaire to find out what your goals are, where this content will be used, and what we're working with

  • Then we start to piece together an outline for your approval of what we're going to create

  • We need to do a comparable analysis and understand the direction for the deliverables.

  • We start with a mood board

  • Then we create an incredibly in depth shot list that will ensure you have content to last you for MONTHS if not years

  • We'll send it through for your eyes and any edits before moving on to source your vendors and location

  • We highly recommend our in-house photographer and videographer.

  • We'll source your vendors, and make sure your final assets will turn out exactly how you envision.

  • Amandina has over 9 years of experience creative directing brands during her years working in the fashion PR industry to her time running a social media agency. She'll be on set with you helping to create magic by directing you and your photographer to get THE SHOT.

  • If you've never been on set before- it's easy to get behind. This also includes run-of-day, keeping everyone on schedule, vendor coordination, and shot list management to make sure we check off every photo and video on the plan.

don't do it alone

Is your brand bright and punchy? Moody and sultry? Light and approachable? Every element of your shoot comes together to help your viewer understand your brand. 

Don't leave it up to chance. We're ready to bring your brand to life.

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