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the Membership

For ambitious creators, photographers, and brands who need consistent content.


the membership at studio à la carte

You need content. And a lot of it. But studio time is expensive, especially in New York City. We've curated the perfect solution. A luxury studio membership that offers everything you need to create killer content at an exclusive price. Choose your monthly hours, book your studio time, and get going creating. A one-of-a-kind membership for your one-of-a-kind brand.

the studio in action

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the Membership Tiers

01 the content creator


If you're looking for a low-level commitment to a luxury studio at a fantastic price - this one's for you. Great for influencers, photographers, or creators who know they need consistent content and want an elevated place to execute. Hold yourself accountable or make the time to experiment with new lighting and creative ideas! 

2 hours of studio time per month

  • additional time 30% off

  • add-ons/equipment 20% off 

02 the business owner


Perfect for small business owners who run their own social channels or social media managers. It takes a lot of content to keep up on social these days and our monthly membership with 4 hours of studio time will allow for a half day shoot or two mini shoots to hit your quota.

4 hours of studio time per month

  • additional time 30% off

  • add-ons/equipment 20% off 

03 the creative director


The ultimate studio package.​ Break your time into weekly shoots or book out an entire day. 8 hours a month in our luxury studio at a rate of $75/hr; an unheard of rate for a studio of this caliber. Set up a string of podcast guests, create content with a consistent look and feel, or hold meetings/work events when needed. 

8 hours of studio time per month

  • additional time 30% off

  • add-ons/equipment 20% off 

*All memberships require a 2 month initial commitment. 

Unused hours can roll over to the next month. 

Cancel anytime after your first 2 months. 

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Photo Studio


The ins and outs of our monthly membership. 


can you cancel at anytime?

We require a two month initial commitment. After that, yes you can cancel your membership at anytime by emailing us at


is equipment included?

No, we offer equipment and add-ons like seamless backdrop pulls at a 20% discount to members. We continually replace and upkeep this equipment so unfortunately we cannot include it for free. A full list of add-ons can be found on our Peerspace listing here.


what if I need more time?

We offer additional hours at 30% off our listed rate on PeerspacePlease note, if you use this space for longer than your allotted hours for your membership tier you will be charged for the time in half hour increments. 


do I have to use my time all at once?

You can absolutely split up your time if you subscribe to 'the business owner' or 'creative director' membership tiers. We do require time to be booked in two hour increments but other than that, book as needed! 


how do I book?

Once subscribed, you'll get a link to our membership page where you're able to access the booking portal. You can book up to 1 month in advance.


what else do I need to know?

We require a credit card authorization form and signed Terms and Conditions to complete your subscription. Our exact Terms and Conditions can be found here

If you have any questions about the membership, please email us at

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